Feature requests

  1. Prevent duplicate of automatic scene selection

    I've been using the transcript option in Pictory to generate videos and have noticed that pictory sometimes uses the same scene in the same videos more than once. I'm sure no one wants that. Seems like an easy fix to block Pictory from using the same scene (maybe via some meta description or ID number) after it's already been selected and then block Pictory from using it again.

    #Improvement 👍


  2. Our Own API Key???

    As more and more AI startups emerge it will become impossible for Pictory to keep up. So my suggestion is to partner with as many of these companies as possible and integrate their service by allowing Pictory users to input the API keys we are already paying for. This allows your developers to work on core "value added" features while letting your partners do the heavy lifting. It also gives the user the ability to pick and chose what services they want to use.

    Lee L


  3. Multiple video publish options such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, & LinkedIn

    Easily publish the final videos to different social channels without the hassles of downloading it and uploading it again to social channels



  4. AI Voice Emphasis of Words and Pauses

    Make it possible to select certain words in the AI voice-over for emphasis. This can be done by altering the pitch/rate, also the ability to add pauses in the AI voice-over.

    #Improvement 👍#Video creation


  5. Link Scene on Visual Projects

    If we want to link scene or unlink scene we must go to 'story' line, is good if link scene / unlink scene on timeline projects so we dont go to story line if we want to link / unlink

    Teddy S


  6. Mengasihi Tuhan dan Sesama

    Mengasihi Tuhan dan Sesama

    Deny HNC
    #Video creation#AI


  7. Mengasihi Tuhan dan Sesama Manusia

    Saat kita mengasihi Tuhan, Hati kita penuh cinta, Jangan lupa pada sesama, Mereka juga ciptaan-Nya. [Verse 2] Tuhan ajarkan kita cinta, Untuk semua tanpa beda, Berbagi berkah yang kita punya, Menjadi terang bagi dunia. (Chorus) Mengasihi Tuhan, mengasihi manusia, Karena semua ciptaan-Nya, Yang punya lebih, bantulah yang kurang, Inilah kasih sejati kita. [Interlude] (Bridge) Mari satukan tangan, Bersama kita kuatkan, Dengan cinta dan harapan, Dunia akan damai sentosa.

    Deny HNC


  8. automatic clip selection for uploaded videos like opus clip; ability to upload srt



  9. Personalized videos

    For cold email you should add Personalized videos feature so that every time name can be replaced check https://vinna.ai

    Alekh K
    #Improvement 👍


  10. Add new AI voice-overs

    To add more variety to the automated machine voice-overs in your videos

    #Improvement 👍


  11. More options for scene transitions

    This is again a common ask from most of our customers.

    #Styling 🎨


  12. Different options for Text animation

    Create nice videos with variety of animation styles for the Text which appears on the video

    #Video creation#Styling 🎨


  13. Automatic Subtitle translation into multiple languages

    Publish your videos into multiple languages and get better visibility and user engagement



  14. Add lower thirds

    Very useful for uploaded videos. E.g. Add Speaker name, title etc.

    #Video editing#Styling 🎨


  15. Clone my voice

    Be able to clone my voice similar as dine using AI voices so that I do not have to do voiceovers for each video using my voice manually