Feature requests

  1. Identify speakers in transcript

    When producing a transcript, be able to identify who is speaking - Otter.ai has this feature. So, something like Pete: Hello John, how are you doing today? John: Fine thanks Pete, how are you?

    Pete B


  2. AI recognized music

    There are many audio tracks and it becomes difficult trying to select the right track. Even though filters are good, if there was a way an AI driven filter based on the type of video suggests appropriate tracks. Say 5 or 10 at the most. This would make it more easier to select a track.



  3. Audio Editing

    upload an audio file (ie podcast) and edit via the transcription

    #Improvement 👍


  4. Remove Background Noise Automatically

    Remove background noise to clean up audio. Request automatic feature for this.

    #Improvement 👍#Video editing


  5. Ability to adjust volume up or down for voice overs or videos.

    Sometimes a recorded interview has lower volume than a voice over. It would be good to be able to adjust the audio levels.

    #Video editing


  6. Allow different voices for different scenes to create dialogue videos

    It would be a very powerful Pictory feature to allow different voices for different scenes to create dialogue videos and more. Dialogue videos are becoming popular on Youtube and TikTok

    Robert P


  7. Develop audio with full script before scenes

    Currently I develop the Audio and Script in Amazon Poly. This way I can listen to my audio and see how if flows. Fixes are easy becasue it is not by line or scene. I can listen and fix on the spot. Once the audio and script flow together I put the script in the software, upload my AI audio and put in the scenes. This request is for a separate app or feature or method to get the script, audio tested and ready. Not one line at a time because that is not like a normal conversation. Then just upload to good script and audio, add the necessary scenes and good to go.



  8. Functionality to download/edit recorded audio

    Add functionality to download/edit audio that has been recorded directly into Pictory

    #Improvement 👍#Video editing#Usability


  9. Audio Normalization

    For now, I need to add to do a small audio edit on premier pro to have the quality of sound better before getting the video to pictory removing this step will let me make more content quickly

    Ach H


  10. Add Auto Linking Option In script to video

    Can You Please Add Auto Linking Option In script to video. That Can Save Hours Of Hard Work.

    #Improvement 👍#Usability


  11. Different options for Text animation

    Create nice videos with variety of animation styles for the Text which appears on the video

    #Video creation#Styling 🎨


  12. Add new AI voice-overs

    To add more variety to the automated machine voice-overs in your videos

    #Improvement 👍


  13. More options for scene transitions

    This is again a common ask from most of our customers.

    #Styling 🎨


  14. Multiple brand settings

    Perfect if you have multiple brands/sub-brands to support, or you are a branding agency



  15. Add lower thirds

    Very useful for uploaded videos. E.g. Add Speaker name, title etc.

    #Video editing#Styling 🎨