Feature requests

  1. Allow for voice pauses - after sentences and scenes

    All I want to be able to do is slow down the narrative occasionally by placing speech pauses between sentences (1 sec at a time) or allow for a greater pause at the end of a scene. at the moment you have to manually extend the scene (which only accomodates the end of scene) simply dedicate a non alphabet key for us to be able to type this in to create a 1 second gap/pause in speech - simples :)



  2. More function for "Visual zoom and pan"

    Hi, I use Pictory to create video by pictures. I see Pictory have a feature called "visual zoom and pan". I see it is a useful feature, however it's very simple and cannot modify as I want, such as speed of zoom, zoom position etc. So can Pictory can upgrade this feature? Thank for reading.

    Leon P
    #Improvement šŸ‘#Video creation


  3. Add new AI voice-overs

    To add more variety to the automated machine voice-overs in your videos

    #Improvement šŸ‘


  4. Add various elements on the scenes

    Add emojis, short graphics (logos) etc. as a layer over the video scene

    #Improvement šŸ‘#Styling šŸŽØ


  5. Add Text as Logo(watermark) Apart from PNG Logos

    I prefer Texts as Logo instead of PNG logos. Sometimes both.

    Abhilash P
    #Improvement šŸ‘#Video creation#Styling šŸŽØ


  6. Fade In/Out on Video

    When creating videos with Pictory and WellSaid labs, the last frame of my video fades the audio which fades out my AI speaker... Being able to turn Fade In/Out on video would be a fantastic feature... Thank you for your consideration



  7. Different options for Text animation

    Create nice videos with variety of animation styles for the Text which appears on the video

    #Video creation#Styling šŸŽØ


  8. More options for scene transitions

    This is again a common ask from most of our customers.

    #Styling šŸŽØ


  9. Add Human Talking Avatar to Video

    I hope Pictory can add AI human talking avatar. And e can have personalised face and custom voice.



  10. Style: Headline on the top and subtitles in the bottom

    We are adding a new style asked by many of our customers which has heading and captions together on the video scenes. We will first roll it out for video editing scenario and then for text to video scenarios too

    #Video editing#Styling šŸŽØ


  11. Manual adjust the scene duration

    Ability to increase or decrease the scene duration which was decided by the Software

    #Improvement šŸ‘


  12. Need FOLDERS to Organise uploaded Images,Video,Background Musics and Voice Overs with a SEARCH Button

    Folders are perfect way to Organize everything Uploaded(Images,video,background musics & own voice overs) to Pictory. And a Search Button also required to find the required files in the future use. This way everybody can keep their files clean category wise in separate folders without scrolling a lot. šŸ‘‰ Ability to move images/video/bgm etc to any folders

    Abhilash P
    #Improvement šŸ‘#Usability


  13. Simple idea to improve scene selection

    I think it would be an excellent addition to give people the option of just giving a keyword or phrase to pictory and let it randomly select videos that match those words. So e.g. if the central theme of your video is love, you could choose the phrase, "couple in love" and all the scenes pictory would choose from would match this search term, more of your clips would show a couple in love which would be ideal for the central theme of the video. Obviously if your video covers many topics then you could just then choose the normal AI method. I think this would be fairly easy to code, its just randomly choosing a video using a search term.

    Lee M
    #Improvement šŸ‘#Video creation


  14. Remove Background Noise Automatically

    Remove background noise to clean up audio. Request automatic feature for this.

    #Improvement šŸ‘#Video editing


  15. Please add feature to overlay images and videos on existing video. So that we can create collage or have multiple video in same screen

    Please add feature to overlay images and videos on existing video. So that we can create collage or have multiple video in same screen

    #Improvement šŸ‘#Video creation#Video editing