Feature requests

  1. Multiple Voices - Add ability for conversations, or multiple contributors to storytelling.

    Multiple Voices - Add ability for conversations, or multiple contributors to storytelling. Think about a series of sides, some being told by a central character, others contributing. Even a slide where multiple voices are speaking the same message together...perhaps building into a crescendo... Slide 1 - One voice Slide 2 - Two voices Slide 3 - Four voices Slide 4 - A crowd!

    John K
    #Improvement 👍#Video creation#Video editing


  2. Transcription dictionary/glossary

    For Pictory to understand and transcribe words correctly

    #Improvement 👍#Video editing


  3. Collaboratively editing videos/projects

    Best suited if more than one on your team work on the projects together.



  4. ability to reorder or duplicate video summary clips

    when getting short clips from a long video, one might want to reorder the clips sequence or duplicate some clips to make the summary.

    #Improvement 👍#Video creation#Video editing


  5. Video Clip Speed

    Can we have a video clip speed option to either slow down (slow motion) a clip or increase the speed? Not for the entire video, but individual scenes.

    lobalu t


  6. Folders for Images

    Better organization for saved images. Create folders within Favorites so the images can be categorized based on the user's needs. This would make finding saved images that one wants to reuse more efficient. For instance, I could have folders labeled people, waterfalls, beaches, cats, used images, etc... Also, have the ability to move images between the different folders.

    #Improvement 👍#Usability#Misc 🤷


  7. Audio Only Preview

    Audio Only Preview would give the ability to preview the audio without needing to render and play visuals. This will be an extremely useful feature for previewing adjustments made to the script such as adding commas, etcetera. Following on from this idea it would be helpful to be able to download just the audio without having to first render the entire video.

    Fehraz L


  8. Delete multiple scenes

    It would be great to delete multiple scenes at once

    Lorenzo R
    #Video creation#Video editing#Usability


  9. Show scene duration and accumulated time on Storyboard

    When a script is longer than the time-limit (10/20 mins.) it would be helpful to know where to cut (and split into a Part 2 video if desired). Also, this would help in knowing what scenes are longer than their video clips, so we could adjust accordingly (usually by removing looping), conversely it would point out where trimming of a video clip might be needed (when the scene is shorter than the video clip). Today we have to flip back and forth between Visuals and StoryBoard and click on each scene to compare these time durations.

    Steve M
    #Improvement 👍#Video editing#Usability


  10. Ability to save favorites into custom categories

    Having the ability to save favorite images and videos into custom categories would be incredibly helpful. With this feature, I could organize media according to specific topics or categories, ensuring quick and easy access whenever I need them.

    Alex Bunyiwa K


  11. Videos on my favourites list keep disappearing because there is max number, there needs to be unlimited favourites

    Videos on my favourites list keep disappearing because there is max number, there needs to be unlimited favourites. Otherwise, all my earliest favourites have gone, and there is no easy way to search for them. At least have the keywords from the original video or some other identifier, which we can take note of, in order to find the same video again.

    #Improvement 👍#Video creation#Usability


  12. Make it easier to scroll through uploaded photos and videos

    If you have uploaded a lot of your own photos and videos like I have, it takes a long time to scroll through them to find what I want whenever I want to re-use any of them. When this happens several times in the same video it ends up being a lot of wasted time. Is it possible to keep them in a separate folder somewhere where you can see them all at the same time, and simply drag and drop the one you want to use?

    #Improvement 👍#Video editing


  13. Customizable Marketing Infographics library for Marketing Tools (Core Story Canvas, Personas, Porters 5 Forces, Brand positioning, etc.)

    Customizable Infographics library in particular for Marketing Tools (e.g. Core Story Canvas, Personas, Porters 5 Forces, Brand positioning, etc.) So that one can create educational videos on different topics.

    #Video creation#Video editing#AI


  14. Improved Video/Image Search Functions

    Please consider the following search-related improvements: Recognition of Boolean operators Better tagging or AI recognition of videos with the same people in them when looking for "similar" videos Allow searching for similar and making a favorite from a video that is already in a scene A field on the transcript page where we can provide high-level context, such as "real estate" to avoid, for instance, getting lots of videos related to people buying cars when the topic is real estate Allow categorization of favorites into folders and searching within the favorites

    Laura L
    #Improvement 👍#Video editing#Usability


  15. Your own Voice Cloning

    So far pictory is been awesome compared to other AI editors, but I'm still using my free trial because the only thing, pictory is lacking is to be able to clone your own voice, which will be an extraordinary feature .

    Fabian S