Feature requests

  1. Ability to add our own fonts not in Pictory

    To keep branding consistent

    Ashley W
    #Improvement 👍


  2. Audio Editing

    upload an audio file (ie podcast) and edit via the transcription

    #Improvement 👍


  3. Scrolling Banner like the Breaking News Banner on TV across the bottom of the screen in addition to the normal text.

    Good for Marketing and announcing product Launches, e.g. "Tony has just uploaded a new eLearning Course". Promotions: e.g. "Pete Bennet's new YouTube Channel tops 1000 returning Viewers". Estate Agents: "Just on the market. Garden Shed $500,000. Possibilities are endless

    Tony F
    #Improvement 👍#Styling 🎨#Deal Breaker 💔


  4. Script Download

    Hi, just wondering if there is a way to download the story/script before rendering/generating the video. Sometimes I change the script after the scenes are applied and then I don't have an updated copy of the script to do my voiceover unless I go scene by scene. It would be much more efficient to download the script and read from that rather than reading scene by scene. Thanks.

    Margaret C
    #Improvement 👍#Video creation#Deal Breaker 💔


  5. Thumbnail For Video

    Hey I would like to choose a part of the video for the thumbnail of the video before I download it. This would help me greatly to identify videos easily.

    #Improvement 👍#Video editing#Deal Breaker 💔


  6. Add tall image and have it scroll up during scene

    Ability to upload a tall image (e.g. a website screen grab), add it to a scene, and have it scroll up during the scene.

    #Improvement 👍#Video creation#Usability


  7. Different options for Text animation

    Create nice videos with variety of animation styles for the Text which appears on the video

    #Video creation#Styling 🎨


  8. Podcast to video

    Create highlights out of your podcasts, convert them into branded-videos using stock visuals and/or your own images



  9. Transcribe Audio

    Would be good to be able to upload audio files for transcription. Not just video.

    Solar B


  10. More options for scene transitions

    This is again a common ask from most of our customers.

    #Styling 🎨


  11. Automatic Subtitle translation into multiple languages

    Publish your videos into multiple languages and get better visibility and user engagement



  12. Ability to add more teammates

    Ability to add more teammates. At least 5 teammates for tire 3 will make it very helpful and make my video production very fast.

    #Video editing#Usability#Deal Breaker 💔


  13. Integrate Pictory with LOVO - Superb VoIceOver Solution

    Why reinvent the wheel? Integrate with Lovo, the best VoiceOver solution. Lovo, current AppSumo deal, produces the best VoiceOver. The integration would help enhance the VoiceOver functionalities of Pictory providing a superb video solution with amazing VoiceOver capabilities. Thanks in advance.

    #Improvement 👍#Integrations 🔗#Deal Breaker 💔


  14. Create video out of voiceover.

    Create video out of voiceover. For all my videos I get professional voiceovers. I want to create a video from that voice-over. Upload the voice-over and boom video with relevant stoke footage and subtitles is ready. :)

    #Video creation#Usability#Deal Breaker 💔


  15. Allow for import/upload of .srt files that include timings.

    There are a few other platforms available that in addition to downloading an .srt file also allow you to upload/import. This is really useful as it means this can be edited outside of pictory and then added back into the platform rather than having to do a lot of editing inside of the platform.

    Jonathan H
    #Improvement 👍#Video editing#Usability